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Supernormal, superoptimal, superstimuli

The ultimate stimulus:

The ultimate superstim

Supernormal, superoptimal, superstimuli: A spoonful of ~sugar~ makes the medicine go down. In other words, a crystalized, purified, simple carbohydrate extracted from the juice of squished ~ cane stalks will, in humans, induce the ingestion of non-preferred food/beverage item(s)–humans can be persuaded to eat or drink the strangest things if you mix in some particular saccharides. It is a potent feeding stimulus across many species for good reason–energy is extracted from glucose, and digestion changes common sweet-tasting saccharides into glucose. However, all ~ used to be rare, and never found in such purity. Certain modern cultivars (~ cane, ~ beets, most fruits and some other veggies) accumulate more ~ than their ancestors and are considered ‘improved.’ Modern techs mean it is cheaply extracted and purified by the ton, or inexpensive starch is cheaply broken up into its sugar subunits (or ‘chemistried’ into High Fructose Corn Syrup). This makes bubbly ~ water very inexpensive to produce, even if colorings and flavor enhancers are added. Such a drink is a hyperpotent ‘drink me’ stimulus. I doubt any zookeeper would give such a superstimulus drink to a non-human animal very often (but ~ does have a long history as one of The Things Animals Will Work For). Perhaps, in a few thousand years, humans will have adapted to a sugar-saturated world and not overconsume sweetened things.

The herring gull laid the little egg, which will now die–unless somebody removes the FAKE BIG EGG.

This little paper shape scares baby ducks when held overhead and moved in the ‘hawk’ direction. It remains effective even if you let the duckling stand on it first.

Before-anime baby-fic-action, another mental lever:

Now that you know about ‘supernormal stimuli,’ you may start to see them in other aspects of your life, including more that are food related. After all, deciding what makes your brain get a little too interested is quite subjective. Expect cognitive dissonance, as You Will Not Want To Believe. Good luck.

Some potential superstims: authority figures (hat tip Stanley Milgram), being part of a large crowd of humans, credit/currency/money, drugs (including cigs, alcohol, coffee), playing with fire, music, high speed transport, heavy equipment, human pheromones, storytelling, baby animals, food-like techno-products, computer games, weapons, T\/ ,gambling… and nearly ineffable stories like honor, truth, and justice.

Humans have an infinite capacity to desire–satisfied urges always reveal yet more unsatisfied desires. Evolution seemed to favor unsatisfiable, constantly seeking, greedy behavior. But seeking to fulfill *all* your desires is insane. Intelligent humans carefully choose which desires are worth the chasing. Advertising exists to insert emotion, deception, and chaos into the “carefully choose” part.

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” Stephen Leacock

“Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless.” Sinclair Lewis

Some breeds of chickens will ‘play dead’ if a real hawk gets this close. A fake hawk will induce the same reaction. If the model hawk is removed or has its eyes covered, the chicken recovers quickly. If the model with covered eyes is replaced with a pair of eyes on a stick (not shown), the chicken’s recovery is much slower.

In addition to making medicine go down… Watch a boring but useful lecture with enhanced video. Pay people to do stuff for you. Use music to distract from unpleasant things, as well as more potent ‘stupor-st!mu1!.
SSStacking T\/ ‘stacks’ well with a few necessary activities (eating, sleeping), and other potentially add!(tive ones (like drugs/eating SS ‘foods’/pron/[CLASSifIED TOP SECRET) ‘Stacking’ scares the ‘^(;,;)^’ outta me. What if to1erance develops? A child or otherwise susceptible ‘conned-sumer’ could learn to seek ever more po7en7 simul-lies, will never be completely satisfied, so will always seek more. (Interring into teh Land of More-Whores, the Land of Fauxic Schlock) What possible defense is there–other than shunnn!?

“If you’re going to let industries decide how much salt, sugar and fat is in your food, they’re going to put [in] as much as they possibly can. Why? Because they want to sell as much of it as they possibly can and we are hard-wired to like sugar, fat and salt. They will push those buttons until we scream or die.” Michael Pollan

Human tech will/already has made it possible to induce microcurrents in brain cells without a physical electrode. CorpGovcult will want to use it in the unending quest for PR0F175/P0W3R. The connedsumervictim will prolly have to keep still, limiting its use. Maybe a properly equipped luxury car ‘tester’ on the showroom floor? Every dentist, doc, and hairdresser will want one.

All images (except “Pogo Possum” from cartoonist Walt Kelley) from these sources:

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Storytelling GOLD!!!1!1!

I hope you will pardon this no6ody who wishes to use certain powerful storytelling ideas found in certain  O : – )    ( – : <   publications. This storyteller thinks that the AntiC Riced memecomplex is pure storytelling 901d, surviving a very long time in human meme-space. This use of the auntie-cur-iced memecomplex is not a trivial undertaking… for this is a plea, a prayer, an attempt to keep other people’s brainspace out of the metaphorical fire/chaos/damage.

The moral of this story can be told at the beginning: When power has no concience, and greed has no limits, the killing has no end.

No6ody thinks it is written that nobody would see the αuntie-cr¡esω coming. So far, I have noticed an un¦-¦0LY triplet.

Component: The ©οrpθrate business model powered by greed. Long ago, its memes achieved critical mass and were able to change human cultures to favor increased ©ôrp-memethöüght propagation. Through various amoral means, this component includes limited liability for 5t0ckh0lders/owners. Employees are legally bound to seek unlimited pr0fit$. It has a top-down command structure, and the commands are obeyed or no paycheck–like an econ0m!c dic7atorship. Legally, the risks are minimized for the 5t0ckhοlders/οwners, but never potential prof!ts. Layers of management hide the negative effects, for the employees have limited data and upper level manangers are well paid to pretend all is well. All c0rp0rate servants may seek rewards, including super st!muli like the authority to command others and/or more cμrrency, which is currently exchangeable for many other super 5timuli).

“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”  Thomas Jefferson

Component: F!@T cur rent see and its control. This is a m0ney mutation that evolved from a preciøus metal standard.  If Frak shun-all Reserve of a F!@T currency 8@N king is combined with the C0rp Bus!ness Model, then one plus one equals sixs!xsix. Immense power (another 5upern0rmal st!m) accumulates to the currency controllers. It is impossible to have too much cur3ncy, so all humans could spend their entire lives accumulating more.

Fract!0nal reserve b4nk!ng has long been known to be inherently unstable; every major religion forbids usury. The curren(y supply must grow at an exponential rate or borrowed cur rentseized plus interest cannot be paid back. The curr3ncy masters: 1) make the L0@N5 and thus regulate the amount of their paper in use, 2) control interest rates on their paper, 3) are powerful enough to force governments to use their increasingly metaphorical rectangles of paper, who then force its use upon taxpayers.

Easily produced paper ∞rectangles do not have much intrinsic value.

 “He that is of the opinion m0ney will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for m0ney.”  Benjamin Franklin

“8anking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The 6ankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create m0ney, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of 6ankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create m0ney.” – Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928).

“Whoever controls the supply of currency would control the business and activities of all the people.”  President James Garfield, shortly before he was assassinated in 1881

Component: Electronic devices combined with hi-tech pr0p-agenda. A huge pop of peeps will sit in front of a glowing, talking box for an average of  five  hours a day, forced to select from whatever choices the mon3ywh0res allow them, learning only what they are allowed to learn, exposed to the most manipulative @dverts and ‘pr0duct placements’ that mon3y can buy. The sound-and-light show box is an electronic add!ction, a plug-in dru9, the use of which sedates and hypnotizes even if the content is Faux-ick. C0rp0rate content –> consumers’ craniums. C0nnedsumers will even pay for cable hooked-ups and w!de5creens, making this 5upern0rmal 57!mulus even more effective.

“It is utterly wrong that what we see in our homes should depend on the advertisers to make profits.”  Hugh Gaitskell, Labour MP (UK), 1951

“A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself.”  Joseph Pulitzer

“…that control through the punishment of undesirable behavior is less effective, in the long run, than control through the reinforcement of desirable behavior by rewards, and that government through terror works on the whole less well than government through the non-violent manipulation of the environment and of the thoughts and feelings of individual men, women and children.” Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, 1958

Assembled together, these components could make servants and slaves out of potential 90I)5 and 90dde55es. Together, they might create situations that force ordinary people to lie, cheat, steal, murder. Together, they could make endless w@r possible. Together, they make 3mpyr3 potent.

~   currently seeking more telling of the tale than has been told  ~

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Reducing the Potency of Liberty

Reducing the Potency of Liberty

Who is this?




Here’s a hint… this coin was accompanied by a ‘standing Liberty’ quarter dollar, and a ‘walking Liberty’ half.

Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar






Of course, the dime has a profile of Lady Liberty on it, not the Roman god with the winged sandals. The word ‘Liberty’ is even written around her head, yet most of us use the name of a god from a republic that turned into a dictatorship. (0-0!nte1 to the max, dude. Here’s the symbol applied to both the Roman God and ‘quicksilver,’ the element:

Stories lost to most of us: the odd hat Lady Liberty is wearing? Only free citizens could wear the Phrygian cap in ancient times. The wings on the hat? a symbol for freedom of thought. These historical stories, and many more, were stolen from the American people and replaced with lesser stories. If Mercury really was on the dime, one might suppose that the Mint and the American people tolerated graven images of ‘false’ gods on their s!lver money. The storytellers of these lesser stories wanted the people to reject the beautiful s!lver coins and forget the stories of Liberty and Freedom, even if it caused them to be unable to tell a man’s face from a woman’s face (look for the ‘Adam’s apple’). Now we have coins with the faces of men on them, much like previous Empyr3s, a form of government rejected by the Founding Fathers.

The fasces, on the back of the dime, is a tied-together bundle of sticks symbolizes the unified strength of many people. Now the word refers to a nasty type of dictatorship where men who own the businesses of a country also own the government. These men benefit from a new-forged link between the fasces and ‘fascism,’  as the story of a unified people is lost. These men wish to break the wings of free thought and burn everyone’s Phrygian caps. The present coins are tokens only slightly more intrinsically valuable than the paper versions bearing the portraits of men who (imho) would be horrified to see their faces on the fiat. “Federal” reserve note, indeed. FRN is a three-word toxic story!

“Paper is poverty…it is the ghost of money, and not money itself.” Thomas Jefferson, on the $2 b ill.

The ranting increases after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

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In times of great evil, ordinary people will do evil things

Many years ago a social p5ychol0g!st demonstrated that there are some crazy situations that will cause nearly every person to flip a switch that supposedly would (450V DANGER SEVERE SHOCK) a total stranger. There are other situations in which nearly every person rebe11s against flipping the same switch. The big lesson here: in a really stupid situation, everyone does really stupid things. In G soc!ety such as ours?

Let’s imagine that we’re putting a group of very young adults in un!form, and also put them in charge of a prison with lots of ‘paying customers.’  Now lets tell our uninformed and un!formed pr!son guards that these particular pr!5oners are very nasty evildoers and that the pr!soners are to be !nterr0gated in a few hours, wink wink, nudge nudge. Some of them don’t get it, maybe because they ate lead paint chips a few times as children, so we tell them to ‘rough ’em up a l!ttle so they crack when we quest!on them.’ This is setting our imaginary gu4rds up for a spectacular fail. Our guards might go crazy in several ways s!multaneously. Bonus multiplier for night shift, bored, tired, un5upervised, med!cated, intoxicated, and deficient in social p5ychology training. 5tanford Pri5on Exper!ment, Abu Ghra!b, G!tmo.

Why does no6ody care about this? It changes the story we tell ourselves when we think of those impr!soned–especially when Empy!re ensnares too many harmless people. But ‘situat!onal awarenes5′ includes much more. What does corp0rate cu1ture cause humans to do that they would never do otherwise? What roles did cop culture play in the creation of Mr. 9epper5pray?

What really scares me…the fact that Dr. M!lgram (and those who know of his research) could wield such power over other humans’ humanity solely with two guys and fake equipment. I’m sure that there are p5ychopaths who are as amazed by this research as I am, but for different reasons.

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