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Reeling and Writhing…

Welcome to No6ody’s website. Most of the links are to PDF files because I can’t post text. Creative Commons 4.0, You can use my work for any NON-COMMERCIAL purpose.


Nov 2 2015 Here is a collection of short stores: More Short Stories, Parably Allegories ver 1v00 

updated Nov 30 2016  Minding the Brain: a collection of short stories

Nov 2 2015 This is a strange story where I try to tell the truth by telling lies. Dragonic Logic ver 1v00

updated Nov 30 2016   Jade-and-Dragonic Logic 1v00 Book two.

updated Nov 30 2016  dragonic-ink-1v00 Yet more… Book three.

updated Nov 30 2016 To Know is To Grow 1v00 Legalize it already. 

updated Nov 30 2016  Corp-Cult Medicannibals

updated Nov 30 2016 No6ody tries Writhing Badvertising  Ummm… prolly shouldn’t bother posting this…

Nov 2 2015 The title explains it all: Doggerel for Caterwauling Guerillas 1v00

Mar 15, 2015 Know thyself 1v00 (PDF) A hope-this-helps book for truthseekers.

Mar 15 2015 Here are stories… Allah Glories! a PDF book of short stories, mostly allegories, fables, and parables.

Xenophon wrote in The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates: “(…) he [Socrates] would accept of no gratuity from any who desired to confer with him, and said that was the way to discover a noble and generous heart, and that they who take rewards betray a meanness of soul, and sell their own persons (…)” Many years ago, it was wisely thought that teaching for pay was a bad thing. Paid teachers will always be tempted to make what is easy seem to be difficult. I once sought science-fiction stories that taught science. I found that such stories were becoming scarce. My culture didn’t seem to value teaching or learning unless it leads to profits. Both of these reasons are why this science-fiction book is free.  a psych-rhet experiment  (PDF file) updated Jan `1 2015 The Psych_Rhet Experiment ver 1v5

A being from another planet would probably be mechanical, because it is possible to turn off a machine for ten thousand years.  An intelligent electro-mech might have the following viewpoint– xeno-datagathering report PDF file

I don’t know what ‘enlightenment’ means, but these ‘koans’ may have some wisdom in them.  Koans For The Western Mind PDF file  

More Koans For The Western Mind  “We live in a world which is full of misery and ignorance, and the plain duty of each and all of us is to try to make the little corner he can influence somewhat less miserable and somewhat less ignorant than it was before he entered it.” Thomas Henry Huxley

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an allegorical tale first printed in 1900. What was apparent to readers then has been obscured by the mists of time and, sad to say, by propaganda. The original book by L. FrankBaum is available for free at and worth reading if you either liked the movie or if you like history (especially once you ‘see through’ the allegory). The following (large PDF, many pix) is a guide to the original story and no6ody’s explanation of some of the symbolism.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz allegorical allusions partly explained (PDF file) updated Jan 1 2015 Seeking the Allegory of Oz with lots of Denzer pix ver1v05

Dorothy saves Toto

This part wasn’t in the movie!


What no6ody knows about money…  A brief look at the power of money (PDF file)

The science of rhetoric: mostly ignored by modern “educational” systems, yet very important. Rhetoric is the science/study of effective communication. A brief look at the science of rhetoric (PDF)

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