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Thoughts of no6ody in particular

t#0u9#t con troll is easy.

Human behav!or m0d!fication (and by extension, 7h0u9ht c0ntr01) are banal, common things that each and every one of us do often. Even now, as you read this, I am affecting your th0u9hts! As you decode these arcane things called letters arranged in arbitrary groups called words and sentences with an equally arbitrary list of rules called syntax and punctuation, new thoughts are being created in your head, and they are only partly your thoughts. Just as a competent musician can use musical notation to play a tune, you are turning these words into thoughts. Defined this way, a friend reporting a good experience at a local restaurant and a baby’s smile are thau9ht c0ntr0l. If a baby can control aspects of your behavi0r, then think of the power accumulated by those who spend a lifetime learning to alter other people’s behavi0r–we call them ‘marketing’ people and ‘sales’ people and advertising agencies. Thou9#t con7r0l and behav!0r mod!fication are best thought of as banal, everyday things that work on everyone. If you are aware, then you can prepare.

If you are willing to accept that at least some human behav!or m0d!fication is easily done, then you should be willing to admit the possible power of ‘situations.’ If you are put in an army uniform (which de-individualizes a human, and responsibility for your actions resides in another human) and told by a trusted source that your enemy is a maddened sub-human killer (de-humanizing other humans) and given a very nice powerful weapon (SHINY!), what might happen if someone innocently throws a firecracker in your general direction? Think about the  (taught control!) Think about ‘secret’ military prisons and the young’uns put in uniform and sent there with orders to ‘rough ’em up a bit.’ (Moar taught controllll!!!!)   Think about some poor flawed human put into a corporate environment for many hours five days (or more) a week, in a suit, subservient to flawed men in a flawed social institution. (Yet moar taught controll!!!) The beginnings of compassion, perhaps.

Now, look at these harmless, innocent numbers.

-3       E-

Read what is written in white font here (WARNING perspective can-trolling is likely 😉    needledix   (Pretend you’re going to copy it to see it.)

No6ody is sorry I shared that. Good thing that no6ody reads this.

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