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Retrain your brain

A nutty brain...

A nutty brain…

Another PDF file of Philosophy and do-it-yourself brain programming. Perhaps it will do somebody some good…
retrain your brain  (PDF file)

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The difference between schooling and education…

JTG quotes  is another PDF file that enables me to avoid wrestling with the website mechanics. I think it is very important… I hope you do too.

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The culture of addiction

The dose makes it medicine or poison

The dose makes it medicine or poison

The  following is a PDF file with a few observations on the Culture of Addiction. (Apologies for the PDF…)


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No6ody is the Kink in a Demoncrazy

I have forgotten much, and I knew but little, so eye am more fit to drool than some other recent Pres-a-dents and their Vice Pressagainsts. It must be my dooty to select myself for one of those governbent orifices. Since real voting occurs primarily when people spend currency, if no6ody is elected Kink no harm will be done. Also, no6ody runs for poli-tickle offices long after the selection is over, so vhote for me in 2012.
But I would not like you to vhote for me: –> no6ody . But I’d like it even less if you voted for a corppolitician. So, if you vhote, don’t spe1l my name right. Instead, please vhote for nobody, pleas. Thank you. [[I’m also too embarrassed to act-surreally try to win, because eye mite, and eye would not be noughtthing bought a zero no6ody no more.]]
No6ody has to ask for money because it’s traditional. But when eye do, eye get is $₤ips of Pa¥p€r. Since ‘Citizens United’ really means ‘Corporations Untied’ in NewSpeak, so eye have hired No6ody, incorpse-orated (which is a huge dumber of people) to collect my money for me. If you want to contribute, then give your money to real people, for it will get to me eventually. Eye will also accept previously used paperbags to make disguises out of so no6ody can remain a zero.

IF eye am selected, eye will do what no6ody does:
eye will not play with the corpse-orations, especially the biggest and bank$ter-icky-ist ones, for they have no soul.
The death penalty will be applied to all limited-liability corporations, so anyone intentionally selling defective products or engaging in reckless business practices can have all their assets sued off. If this doesn’t work or cannot get thru Con-gress, eye will declare that limited-liability corps are ‘enemy combatants’ and eye will recite no6ody’s ‘poetry’ at them (cruise missiles are too expensive). eye will also declare that various wea1%thy people, members of Con-gress, and teh Supine Courp are all ‘enemy combatants’ and thereby mandatory consumers of no6ody’s Vo9on ‘poetry’ until the NDAA is revoked.
More than two million presidential pardons need to be handed out, especially in the secret prisons. Yesterday.
All drugs will be legalized, or eye will pardon anyone convicted of drug use. eye would encourage free-market drug dens for those taking the heavy-duty stuff. [I’d open one, so you could trust no6ody with your brain when you’re out of your mind.]
Prisons, military, currency management, and other ‘natural’ monopolies are government business and can not be sold to the highest bidder. The mass media will be available to all humans who wish to use it, not just wea1%thy people. I’d call it ‘teh internetz.’
Fractional reserve banking is illegal. End of story.
The Goover Mint will pay most of the salaries of the lowest-paid 90% or so of ‘defense contractor’ employees for a year or two, but eye will ask them to find some public service to perform instead of supplying wargasmic toys. It’s time to till the soil–metaphorically and literally.

My eye-deal. Not.

My eye-deal. Not.

This has nothing to do with anything else on this page. Really.
This has nothing to do with anything else on this page. Really.

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A Propaganda Detection Kit

A propaganda detection kit 1v01 Please pardon the PDF!

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Science or $¢¥€₦¢€?

A scientist speaks...

A scientist speaks…

There is a distinct anti-intellectual bias in the Empyre of Lies.
Behaviorists seem to get more than their share of propaganda directed at them, perhaps because this science has discovered powerful behavior modification techniques. However, behaviorism does help one make sense of the world and is worth understanding.
For an example, let’s examine a hypothetical classroom with a behaviorist’s mind-set. Suppose the teacher asks a question, and a few childrens hands go up and a few kids heads go down. Most of the time, the teacher asks one of the handwaving children and, for the correct answer, dispenses a reward of public praise, a stimulus that humans find reinforcing–just as much as food pellets found by a hungry rat after amazing maze-ing. The handwaving children seem to be willing to work for the positive reinforcement of kind words from the teacher, and this probably reinforces their belief that they’re smarter and/or more valued members of human society than the ‘dumb’ kids, merely because the local authority figure is dispensing trivial rewards to them. The children who usually raise their hands are treated differently, even if the teacher attempts to be fair. Occasionally, the teacher will ask a slumping child what the answer might be, and the child usually answers incorrectly, and likely feels worthless and humiliated, for children are like that.** For maximum social impact, all the other children are supposed to pay attention while this happens (as well as to everything else the teacher says and does). When the children fail to do this, and, being children, they will surely fail at some point–they risk receiving negative teacher/authority attention. Perhaps the ‘smart’ children are allowed more ‘lapses’ in behavior, while the ‘dumb’ children receive more punishment. Soon, some children feel superior, some inferior, now they are divided, segregated, separated. The ‘inferior’ children become discouraged, perhaps damaged in ways non-quantifiable, but with inevitable consequences. Even their parents may participate, dispensing negative reinforcement for low test scores or bad report cards. Too often, this leads to not trying, not learning, not caring, despairing. There is no escape from this regimented place, for all the children must go to ‘school’ (unless the parents are willing and able to teach their children at home).
** Some learn to belittle themselves replaying the thought-ghosts of the past, reliving times when other children (or teachers) directed childish insults at them. Children don’t know better and think that way at times.

Perhaps you wonder why the tiny but vocal anti-Darwin’s-theory-of-evolution crowd get so much 3mpyreMedai time. Evolutionary thinking is a case when knowledge-is-power. For example, the modern school is a highly unnatural environment. Children wish to stay with their parents, and vice-versa, for separation from the ancestral tribe could mean death. Bored human children aren’t designed to sit still for an hour, often cannot be sufficiently quiet in this too-crowded and too-stimulating artificial setting, and are exposed to each other’s germs far too frequently (Hygiene is Hard, and Children Make Mistakes, and Children Are Not Supervised In The School Bathrooms). Human children belong with their tribe, not in the care of strangers (no matter how well trained and/or well meaning). Human children learn best from their tribe, where everyone speaks the same dialect and there is strong emotional ties and a shared history. (Nowadays, most of the shared history comes from school and work and viewed ‘programs’ on the sound ‘n light box… but that’s BeyondTheScopeOfThisEssay) Far too many kids don’t get what they need there, or worse. This is not entirely unexpected. Hello, boring stack of paper in a cubicle. Greetings, assembly line, cash register, delivery van. The tribe, the social setting in which your ancestors were adapted, is broken. Welcome to the MACHINE.

Science is a method, a way of organizing thoughts, about accurate record-keeping, evaluating hypotheses, truthful data collection, and rigorous experimental design–hopefully combined with shared results and peer review. Metaphorically, Science is a set of powerful tools in a mental toolbox. But all tools can be abused. Science is exactly as useful for moral decisions as a sledgehammer is for watch repair. TPTB finds intellectuals threatening–they may offer alternatives to connedsumer culture or link corp activities to yet another unintended consequence that must be mitigated. These days, $¢¥€₦¢€ is replacing science.
Once upon a time, it was said that university science was a type of welfare for intellectuals. Back then, the system allowed these intellectuals to play with some of its toys, even the expensive ones. Their work/play lead to high tech, green revolutions, and a population explosion–and connedsumers, fake-us groups, and human superstimuli exploited to sell products. Science has gifted humanity with powerful tools–which, sadly, are useful for whores whoring their $¢¥€₦¢€. This may not end well. ☢☣

What’s the matter with a little corpwhorium? This: A paid-for lab tech can repeatedly do an experiment until the results please the munnymen, and publish only those results. More honest scientists can be ignored, bought, framed, or drowned in a flood of paid-for slander. Only the munnymen’s favorite experiments get favorable publicity, and the lack of publicity casts doubt upon other scientists’ results that give the munnymen indigestion. No laws were broken in these examples–but cheating is cheaper. ‘Grab every coin that costs less than a coin to grab’ is the corporate way.

Real scientists have error bars and guesstimations that their results happened solely by chance, and real scientists try to help others replicate their results. Real science is usually difficult to do properly, and real science depends on confirmation from outsiders. Real science has a ‘cutting edge’ and scientific thought-leaders often make mistakes balancing on it, but science is self-correcting, for real scientists seek the truth. Real science is freely talked about and never a ‘trade secret’ or ‘proprietary information’ or ‘classified.’ Real science can be used to make predictions and can be judged by its accuracy and precision. Real scientists do not lie, distort, or hide the truth, for they will be ‘found out’–and real scientists *want* to be ‘found out’ if they are wrong. The truth is, and real scientists wish to speak truth.
Real scientists are just as dependent on income as everyone else, and sometimes their toys are not cheap. Most real scientists must depend upon outside sources for funding–and this ensures that $¢¥€₦tists have an advantage over scientists, for moneywhores will do anything for money. In the ooze apers, on the rayeddeeowe, on the idiot’s lantern; all the media are corpsed and seek profits first and foremost. Munnymen can guarantee profits… and greed, denial, and ignorance do the rest.
Only you can prevent the methods of $¢¥€₦¢€ from being used to create one more ‘useful idiot.’ (Our) ignorance is (their) strength. Independence is freedom, dependence is slavery, and the truth is the best ‘anti-dope’ for the Empyre of Lies.

Once, at a crowded restaurant, I tied a currency and a napkin onto the string of a helium balloon that I found on my chair. I added drops of water onto the napkin so the balloon barely floated, and then sent it free. Nobody in the restaurant would take the cur off the string as it floated past, yet many were watching it. After too long a time… the balloon floated past the only child in the restaurant that day, who happily ended the experiment, which was becoming somewhat of a burden for both the bored restaurant customers and underpaid and overworked staff. In retrospect, this burden was probably due to the ambiguous social setting, for the balloon bore no instructions or permissions, just a corporate logo, and many people wanted the cur, but too socially inhibited from taking it.

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Radiate the Date

This picture is worth a million words

This picture is worth a million words

A very dangerous way to boil water...

Would you sell a nuke to this man?

[Begin edu-metaphors] Imagine that you are on a small boat. There are a huge number of well-cared for sandcastles on a nearby beach, symbolizing living cells. In the boat, you have moderately heavy bowling balls (a metaphor for alpha particles), standard baseballs (symbolic beta particles), and a loaded rifle (mock gamma particles). The distance between the boat and the sandcastles on the beach represents human skin. To mimic an external source of radiation, wear a blindfold and earplugs to simulate the random action of nuclear reactions. When you fling alpha particles/bowling balls off the boat, you are extremely unlikely to hit a sandcastle, or even the beach, unless you are very lucky and very strong. If you throw the beta particle\baseball, you might hit the beach or even a sandcastle, but you are more likely to throw the ball in the wrong direction or not far enough. If you shoot the rifle, the gamma ray/bullet is more likely to hit a sandcastle because the distance is less important, but any blindfolded human randomly shooting a rifle on a rocking boat isn’t likely to hit any distant targets. This is a metaphor for external radiation exposure.

If you imagine that you are standing on the sandcastle beach with your implements of destruction, internal radiation exposure is symbolized. The bowling balls will likely demolish a sandcastle if they hit one, but they won’t roll far. Damage will be localized around you but severe. The baseballs are likely to hit many more sandcastles, but each hit will likely do less damage than the bowling balls. The rifle can damage many sandcastles, and since you are standing on the beach, you can aim it more or less parallel to the sand (to make up for a weakness in the metaphor–living cells are 3D and thus surround internal radiation sources, unlike a roughly two-dimensional array of sandcastles on a beach). The blindfold does not matter much anymore–only the supply of bowling balls, baseballs, and bullets, as well as sandcastle repair personnel (who can also be damaged). Some of the sandcastles may quickly come to resemble the Tower of Barad-dûr… and damaged living cells can cer tainly be much more effective spreading evil than sandcastles could ever be.

[End metaphors.]

The take-home lesson: internal radiation exposure is far far far more damaging than external radiation exposure, and do not trust those who pretend otherwise.

Obviously, it is important to keep radiation doses to a minimum and internal radio-dosing should be scrupulously avoided, especially by children. However, the world is becoming increasingly dirty and radioactive, so some exposure to man-made toxins and radioactive substances is unavoidable. You can avoid the heaviest contamination by eating low on the food chain–eat plants, rather than the animals that eat plants. Each step away from primary producers is a potential step towards bio-magification–for example, eagles that eat fish that eat plants were found to have damaging levels of DDT metabolites in their bodies, so much so that their eggs did not hatch. This could have destroyed this species (and others) if DDT was still in use as much as it was previously. You are an omnivore, able to survive on a wide range of foods, and selecting plant foods is probably safest. Examples of fraudulently-labeled plant foods (like rice bearing a label that conceals its Fuku-origin) complicate this process, but no6ody puts labels upon meat and fish and dairy products that state what the animals ate.

As long as you are reading this… let’s do a thought experiment. I’ll be an evil overlord, and you can be my prisoner. Here’s your dinner, which consists of four delicious-looking cookies. Since I (half-)baked them in this thought experiment, they have magical properties.

The first cookie emits alpha particles. The others emit solely beta particles, or just gamma rays, or only neutrons (all possible only in thought experiments). All of these cookies emit the same total energy in their particular way, and you must choose one cookie to eat, one cookie to put in your pocket, one cookie to hold in your hand, and one cookie to toss to the imaginary but nasty orc turnkey–what should you do?


Alpha particles are big and heavy, as particles go. They also have a positive charge, which means they attract/are attracted to all nearby electrons that they encounter as they travel. Because of this, alphas do not travel far, and at point blank range, an alpha particle can do great damage. This cookie is a bad one to eat because, once inside you, some of your DNA would be in point blank range.  However, the fabric of your pocket and your skin should be protection enough.

Beta particles are basically electrons in a straight-line hurry, and these also interact with other electrons. They are fast enough to penetrate skin a little bit, but they are only about 1/8000 the mass of an alpha particle. If they hit an atom directly, the atom doesn’t move very much and can stay in position, even if it does create an unstable chemical situation. Plus, the event is effectively over for the beta particle… unless it hits a really massive atom. Then the energy of this collision can be expressed as a gamma ray. (Throw the gamma ray cookie to the orc immediately. Even in a thought experiment, don’t delay!) The beta-emitting cookie can be held in your hand (unless your hand is made out of massive metal atoms}.

The neutron cookie is probably the best one to eat. Free neutrons have a half-life of about fifteen minutes and do not have an electric charge, so other atoms ignore them. Even if a neutron impacts an atomic nucleus directly and doesn’t bounce off, the lightweight atoms humans are made of probably won’t fission (like uranium does with the addition of a neutron), and may not even be radioactive. Boron is a commonly used neutron absorber, as the isotopes it changes into aren’t nasty and it captures stray neutrons better than average. If you agree with me and decide this cookie is the safest one to eat, perhaps you’d like a boric acid topping on the cookie? As an evil overlord, it is my duty to try to sell you Roach-Death Bio-cide (which contains boric acid), even though there’s pure boric acid in my imaginary lab. Should you?  Boric acid is so cheap, safe, and effective at roach killing that adding adulterants to it might raise the costs of producing Roach-Death Bio-cide, even if produced and sold by my money-whore minions.

hot teeth

bite deep

in time

and keep

no rhyme

nor reason.

This website is brought to you primarily by WordPress, who probably isn’t making any money off of it. Therefore, I’m not going to complain that I can’t upload text files, insert page breaks, or control the ads here. The following PDF file is more my style, such as it is.

Amused to DeaTV

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