It is what it is

06 May

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The first time you see it, you don’t recognise it. Perhaps it was something designed so stupidly that it could not be an accident. Somebody says something like ‘planned obsolescence ‘ or ‘made in China,’ which implies permission-to-exist for such a stupid process that produces such a stupid thing. But there was probably nothing you could do, and all the Somebodies you know don’t seem to care–so you don’t. You don’t think much about it… but your eyes have been trained, and they don’t stop seeing. Soon you will see ‘it’ again. You will encounter an illiterate high school student, or see massive bankster fraud go unpunished, or war-whores pounding public pulpits, and you find that you can’t stop thinking about ‘it.’ ‘It’ is everywhere. ‘It’ is in wars that can’t be won, in the sweatshop factories producing goods that quickly turn into garbage, in the poisoned land and polluted water.  You can see that innocent people die when the bombs fall, and that people and the planet are treated cruelly in order to maximize the income of some already rich men, and that ‘the system’ seems to spread stupidity among all the nearly-hairless hapless talking apes. And then you see ‘it,’ one day, finally, and you know ‘it’ has been there all along.

PDF warning: farce-ist governbents and what to do about them

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