A no6ody’s list of hope-this-helps for truth seekers and truth speakers

26 Apr

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If there are no direct benefits to speaking truth to power–quite the opposite in today’s world–why do it, then? I believe that society benefits when most of its members can tell truth from lies and actively seek justice.Yet the honest, the just, the willing-to-learn, the seekers of truth, all operate under a severe disadvantage in places with many sedated, ignorant citizen-slaves and a corpseguv of $ervants. Seekers of truth and justice hope to make a future society a better one; power/currency whores want what benefits themselves and they want it now. The lure of currency is very, very strong; people have done incredibly stupid things (like advertise the use of tobacco and start wars) in order to get it, even if they were wealthy already. (Perhaps currency should be considered a drug-like substance. If so, there is no dishonor if the lure of currency is too strong for a person to resist, just like there must be some drug that would make an addict out of any particular person. Perhaps the definition of the word ‘drug’ shouldn’t cover addictions to currency and computergames and couch-lock 7V.)



1) Vote with your feet and with your currency. If you can create demand for some good or service, somebody will try to make money at it. Perhaps it really is as easy as persuading enough people to value a connection to the internet over a cable 7\/ ‘service.’ A bus boycott was a key part of a civil-rights revolution (back in the days before 7\/s were cheaply cloned). I don’t recall seeing too many ‘peace’ signs in the media at the time, but many many people wore corp-clothing adorned with such, and many more wore home-made tie-dyes that they didn’t make themselves. “The most formidable military machine depends ultimately on the obedience of its soldiers, … the most powerful corporation becomes helpless when its workers stop working, when its customers refuse to buy its products. The strike, the boycott, the refusal to serve, the ability to paralyze the functioning of a complex social structure – these remain potent weapons against the most fearsome state or corporate power.”   Howard Zinn

2)  Read, read, and read some more. Socrates said it best two point five millenia ago: “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.” Augment with online sources, like lectures and other ‘netizens’ websites. It seems only wise to seek such wisdom. It is said that Buddha thought ignorance was the primary cause of most human problems, and Jesus doesn’t seek revenge upon his tormentors ‘for they know not what they do.’ No human will ever know ‘enough’ about anything–the ocean of knowledge is deeper than humans can comprehend. Learn of propaganda, as it is everywhere and can be subtile and nearly invisible–it will affect you much more if you don’t recognize it.

3) Have a plan, a way out, and/or constructive works to do. Try to tell how to cure what ails society. Is there a way people can help you or your cause, something quick, easy, and undeniably good?

4) All the slaves cannot be punished at once, and there is serious discontent out there. It is likely that the wealth-extracting screws have been turned as far down as their $ervants dare to do it. Their greed must be balanced by fear or the metaphorical screws would press even harder, for there is no lack of corp$€guv greed. This fear can be useful, as well as the discontent. Rattling the chains is one way to get the citizens/slaves to see them.

5) Those who speak truth do not fear honest inquiry and sincere questions. Those who seek truth are admired by members of a sane society. Liars do fear investigation–and merely showing others that this fear exists is powerful. The corp$€guv/Empyremedia lies, they omit, they trivialize, they insult. Point this out whenever possible in a short, simple way, but do not become your enemy (don’t lie, etc.).

6) You do not need to convince everyone–just enough to start the juggernaut of truthseeking rolling. Start with the best human beings you know. “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” Samuel Adams

7) The people you wish to help are likely to act rudely or worse when they hear truth, for they have been living in an insane way and know no better, and cognitive dissonance does the rest. Do not take it personally, for this training/conditioning comes from the $ervants and control-freaks. Some citizen/slaves have learned to think and speak Empyre, for its propaganda is spread with high-tech super-stimulus media plus a long history of practical psychcology. This is a potent combination. It is extremely unlikely that this mind-mangling can be undone in a few minutes, so there is no fault if a truth-teller realizes an inability to help particular Empyrelings. The metaphorical burden can be too heavy. But…

8) Laughter plus logic is potent in print, and well-timed real-life laughter is even more so, but shared laughter is the strongest. Laugh at the ridiculous lies and the paid liars! However, mocking/sarcasm are unpleasant (and often used by Empyremedia); don’t use these tactics except at great need.

9) Be good, pure, worthy of emulation/admiration, because you seek what is good for everyone. If you cannot possibly benefit from your good deeds, the grateful could reward you with admiration/social status–and they might pay more attention to you in the future.

10) Don’t participate in evil. If you buy factory-farmed ‘meat’ products, expect more factory farms. If you borrow money, expect more banksters. If you buy petro-products, expect wars for oil. Prepare to fail, for you must live in a society that you did not create. Corp$€guv always tries to hide the unpleasantness caused by production of corpsegov products–public ignorance is their bliss.

11) The internets. Have fun here. Tell your story and of your hopes, speak your truth! The internet has room for everyone, and some ‘netizens are brilliant and worth listening to. Finding them is tricky, but when you do, say thank you, ask for more, and spread the knowledge.

12) Find out what topics bring out the trolls/fifty-cent party. This reveals their fears, and perhaps a path to truth and justice. If your actions have attracted trolls and shills, consider it as a compliment. Don’t let trolls tell you how to feel, truthseeker.

13) Remember to remind–say things like ‘I DON’T want to bomb people halfway around the world and steal their oil. I want to end wars started because certain unpunished men told lies. I want no bloodshed, I want justice, no bombs, just peace. I do not want expensive war-machines killing foreign people so rich men can get richer.’ Helpful suggestions are good, but not all will be perceived as ‘helpful.’ Tell stories like these–big yellow construction equipment in someone’s bedroom is wrong, even if the victims don’t know the difference between a bulldozer and a backhoe. Agree? Bank$ters who greedily screw up a nation’s economy should not get multimillion-dollar bonuses. Agree? Bullet-holes in children is always wrong–agree? Your listeners/readers should get the chance to say ‘yes’ to the truth.

14) Avoid the use of Newspeak/Corp$€speak– the ‘language’ of disguise and minimize. For example, depleted-uranium munitions are often pure uranium; drones are still warplanes. Don’t ever say “we” invaded Iraq/Lybia/Afganistan/etc., as governbents did that despite objections from ‘we the people.’ Don’t use too many ‘downer’ words (like war, bloodshed, bombs,  killing–often propagandists do this to get people to fnord ignore fnord certain fnord subjects). Don’t underestimate the power of words–once a ‘limited police action’ morphed into the Vietnam war (which led to deca-thousands of dead troops and the killing of millions of people and poisoned land in several countries).

15) Attract attention with your imagination… plus mirrors, led strip lights, superglue (add baking soda to ‘set’ superglued objects instantly), epoxy glue, reflective foils and LED lights, message-bearing tissue-paper hot air balloons, hand-painted signs or kites. Spend some brain-time looking for potential ways to spread truth. Cardboard and glue structures can be surprisingly large and sturdy (use internal triangles, plus paint with mineral spirits and polyurethane, half and half mix; painted on cardboard, it adds stiffness, water resistance, and a shine)  Garbage bag ‘sculptures’ can be inflated; such balloons created with two or more cheap, thin black garbage bags taped together will float in the air if given enough time in warm sunshine. Collect ten seconds of applause from people–then blend and post on website for dL, give participants website addy to get it. If you can take movies and/or pix, make sure they are non-incriminating.

16) Be mobile and be unpredictable. Don’t stay in one place or do the same thing for very long. This gives them time to mass the blue troops… this is what happened to OWS in too many cities.

17) Are you dealing with a metaphorical broken dish or the methods that cause dishes to get broken? There are symptoms and causes of symptoms–both may need fixing, but one is more important than the other. “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Henry David Thoreau

18) Do not metaphorically swim in a tank with the Empyre’s sharks, and don’t let anyone push you in. Trying to spread truth via EmpyreMedia–a shark tank. Trying to ‘win’ by persuading voters in anything but a local election–another shark tank (fortified with corpsegov ‘voting’ machines). Even reading/watching 3mpyre media is a shark tank, for their p$y-ops are the best that money can buy. Petitions may be a waste of time, for corp$egov will do what it pleases as long as it is short-term profitable. Always be aware that some very large internet sites are owned by corpsegov and might be altered someday. Don’t be surprised if/when your video goes wonky or your essay got scrambled–check from various computers/internet linkups and post it again if needed. Consider it a compliment if this should it happen to you.

19) Know  what you want and don’t stop trying to get it. Is there anything else in life more important than what you’re doing? (If so–go do it!)  “Every man who has really sincere desire for any great amelioration in the conditions of life has first to face ridicule, then persecution, then cajolery and attempts at subtle corruption. We know from painful experience how few pass unscathed through these three ordeals. The last especially, when the reformer is shown all the kingdoms of the earth, is difficult, indeed almost impossible, except for those who have made their ultimate goal vivid to themselves by clear and definite thought.” Bertrand Russell, Political Ideals

20) pix are worth a thousand words–one [pic of Rachel Corrie] plus ‘Just Another Palestinian* Murdered’ is prolly worth a 1,004 word speech.

*apologies for the amateur psyops. If certain populations entertain the thought that Mz. Corrie was really a Palestinian, then they will also think that Palestinians are beautiful Caucasian 23 yr old females murdered with one of ‘their’ taxpayer-funded bulldozers, and the regime that did this still gets taxpayer money to buy more bullets, bombs, and tanks.

“(…) question-asking is the most significant intellectual tool human beings have. Is it not curious, then, that the most significant intellectual skill available to human beings is not taught in school?”  Neal Postman

Question Authority!

“Once you have learned how to ask questions – relevant and appropriate and substantial questions – you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know.”  Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner

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