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This is a paper rectangle.

This is a paper rectangle.





one hundred pieces of paper--or ten grand

one hundred pieces of paper–or ten grand

This is a small pile of paper.

This is a small pile of paper, or one million somethings

This pile of paper is worth a billion somethings

This pile of paper is worth a billion somethings

This was a forest that is now worth a trillion somethings

This was a forest that is now worth a trillion somethings






If your bank can borrow stupendously huge amounts of currency at a quarter percent (secretly) from the Fed, then why are they willing to pay you more than that to borrow yours? Why is the Fed also paying interest to banks if they e-deposit their ‘excess reserves’ into the ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ Corporation’s cybervaults? What do they want to do with the currency? What’s the deal with all these paper games?
Perhaps it is the difference between buying a piece of paper (stocks, bonds, treasuries, certs of deposit, etc) and buying anyTHING else.
Perhaps it is about the power that these paper rectangles have that enables efficient control of other humans’ behavior.
Whatever the reason… those who already have ‘it’ will benefit.
Non $erviam.

Once, in the 3mpyre of MoreWar, a Redneckistanian no6ody noticed the aftereffects of a distant hurricane. Gasoline production and distribution was adversely affected, so the price of gas rose quickly as plastic bags covered more and more of the pump handles at gas stations. The local politicians promptly started making M$M noises about price gouging, and ‘suggested’ that no gas station raise prices more than a certain amount. Many gas stations quickly ran out of gas to sell, and other gas stations had long lines of impatient customers. Some customers bought many containers to fill with gasoline along with their capacious pick-up truck gas tanks, and other customers grumbled but also began to stockpile gasoline. People were losing faith in the ability of a damaged-by-a-distant-hurricane ‘market’ to supply them with gas, and, when there was gas to buy, were willing to pay much higher than average prices and buy much more than they usually did despite the high cost. This vicious spiral of shortages caused by panic-buying, this loss of confidence, was quickly nipped in the bud when the petrochems began to flow normally, and the price soon dropped. But no6ody had noticed that when money is not sufficient to guarantee access to gasoline, people were willing to pay higher and higher prices whenever it was available. What if those selling gasoline delayed deliveries to jack up the price? What if the gasoline delivery people stopped deliveries entirely, deciding that a truckload of gasoline has a greater value than that of the local F1AT? What if the gasoline sellers start trading their product for food or other goods?
The perceptions, predilections, and prejudices of the people must be managed, for large numbers of spooked sheeple can bust the trust in a F1AT. Therefore, the F1AT controllers can not let this happen. They must control the media, the means of production, and the currency, or the 3mpyre burns. Therefore, the 3mpyre of MoreWar must have propaganda in the media, control of production and distribution of goods, and control of (or be controlled by) the banks that create the F1AT currency. The 3mpyre of MoreWar must have a F1AT currency to pay for the bullets and bombs, requiring the hidden tax of inflation which disguises the true cost$ of war. The 3mpyre of MoreWar cannot have freedom, for in times of even minor disruptions, ordinary profit-seeking might quickly reveal the flaws of F1AT. The 3mpyre of MoreWar cannot have many knowledgeable and wise people, for the people’s ignorance is (MoreWar’s) strength, war whoring is profitable, and freedom is illusory.
Non $erviam.

The price of Liberty is Know dollars and common sense, not supplied by dollar-dullard’s governbents
One trillion dollars is borrowed into existence once or twice a year by a certain ©0rp$eg0v (in addition to the trillions of t@x $$ they spend}.
One trillion dollars would enable paying one thousand dollars to one thousand people one thousand times–in one thousand different cities. (That’s nearly two and three-quarter years of a thousand bucks a day for a million people.)
One trillion dollars, evenly divided between one million destitute people, means one million dollars each. If each one of those newly printed millionares gave 10% of their wealth away by giving ten people ten thousand dollar grants, then ten million people get ten grand, in addition to the now 90% near-millionares created earlier.

One million new millionaires could probably make a huge change in any country’s economy. In my opinion, I don’t see the effects I expect, and suspect that the money must be going somewhere else.
This money is borrowed into existence. To whom does the interest on this borrowed money go? Mostly to the few people who already own other people’s debt–stocks are loans, bonds are loans, Trasheries are loans. As the F!AT is loaned into existence, so it dances on strings of interest. The bank$†€rs prosper when the ©gøvern6ent allows this.
If everyone spent their F1AT on real goods, what would happen? Maybe no6ody knows.
This is the reason that b@nks and govvie types will pay the highest rates of interest: buying debt causes the buyer to temporarily ‘loan’ the power that a currency has in exchange for a numerical currency increase when/if paid back in the future. The power that the currency has is transferred to another human(s) for a time. Banks are not troubled by this… they are allowed to loan far more money than they actually possess. You, however, must surrender 100% of your money if you buy or lend. Humans that already wield vast amounts of the power that comes from a popular currency will accumulate more, because they can make the rules for the debt game, or they can buy a bank or three. (Banks are allowed ‘fractional reserve lending’ which is bank$ter-speak for ”we don’t have to pretend to have what we loan.”) Currency can be extremely powerful supernormal stimuli (and it could be even more powerful if it was prettier, shinier, w/more holograms–but that might inspire hoarding of currency, which corpgov doesn’t like). The quest for more more more is already nearly irresistible (in my opinion). Cheating at the money games must also be hard to resist, for it is very often done. Some humans call some of these cheaters ‘bank$†ers.’ No6ody thinks bank$ters are just as enslaved to their desires as a gorilla given bushels of sweet potatoes (which is like an unsupervised toddler given buckets of candy).

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.” Nathan Mayer Rothschild

The same as it ever was…

Non $erviam.

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