Monkeymind handles for Evil Overlords

16 Mar
...or you're FIRED!

…or you’re FIRED

Eye Spy!

Eye Spy!

‘Monkeymind’ is an infinite source of desires, and most people live their lives chasing one desire after another. Chasing desires can be good for a hominid, but not always. Modern humans do not live the way their ancestors did, and chasing desires honed sharp upon the evolutionary whetstone of the past has unexpected consequences today. Add human arrogance, add increasingly effective propaganda, and add chasing desires becoming a culturally accepted ‘good’ thing, and here we are. All humans have some measure of arrogance. Without it, little would get done. Who would have a web page without arrogance? (The greedy, the paid-for, the fraudulent, the advertisers, the propagandizers, the nonrationals, etc.)
Many many people cannot listen or learn effectively because of monkeymind. No6ody wants to admit ignorance of important things. A ‘primitive’ human must be confident and (sometimes) act quickly, using decisions made with incomplete data (for all real-world datasets are incomplete). Indecision and low confidence are not assets in a ‘primitive’ culture (nor in present ones, even if more people like that manage to survive these days). But arrogance can lead to errors, and it can diminish learning new things, for learning means that there are important things previously unknown, things other people know, and such thoughts are offensive to an ‘ego’ paired with an arrogant mindset. In summary: all people are hard-wired to be arrogant to some degree.
Now, I shall don my Evil Overlord thought-jacket uniform so that I can better demonstrate how to use monkeymind limitations to my advantage. First, I will increase the natural-born arrogance in Ebil-O-Medai connedsumers–by rarely challenging anyone’s intellect, informing media users of things they already ‘know’ and/or want to believe, and by having media actors behave stupidly the majority of the time. Ebil-O will have many choices for gossip, trivia, and irrelevant ‘facts’ aplenty. Soon, these people will think they are morally and intellectually superior to all the people that they ‘know’ (simulated people are included, because parts of any human’s mental equipment assume that ‘seeing is believing’). Ebil-O will messpellI wurds often, get the science wrong nearly every time it is mentioned, and interview ‘people’ who are (or can pretend to be) as dumb as a plutonium saucepan. I’ll use the Orwellian 1984 model of video disseminator device, which enables me to do evil things like hire those who choose dumb, violent ‘entertainment’ to be part of my police farce and to join my smarmy. I’ll use lots of artificial laughter after really dumb jokes so monkeymind thinks other local humans find the dumbness funny and will laugh along with their video ‘tribe.’ I’ll use recorded applause during and after dumb speeches, so monkeymind thinks other local humans like the stupidity so expressed. But a true Evil Overlord cannot stop here. To keep my media users addicted, my staff will add pron and special effects and initiate strong emotional feelings in the viewers (pretty, almost-naked women! explosions! fast car chases and accidents! and emo-music so the media users know what they’re supposed to feel). Once the population is addicted to my ‘media’ I could add rapid screen changes (change the camera point-of-view suddenly), which stimulates an ‘orienting’ reflex, for significant changes in the environment are extremely interesting to most species brains. My infallible overlord instincts tells me that most beings don’t like this reflex triggered often, preferring more stable places to live. Perhaps this feeling is like a low-grade fear (adding to what Ebil-O will generate), or a subtle urge to find a better place to live (and I will thwart all attempts for my subjects to go exploring–unless the applicant ‘voluntarily’ gives me a valuable present). This, combined with all the murders, explosions, gory horror, car crashes, and gun battles available on Ebil-O-Medai, will help to keep my subjects fearful and cowardly and dependent upon my staff. My overlord instincts insist that my subjects must be humiliated in as many small ways as possible, for a dispirited and depressed subject gives me no trouble (especially when combined with feelings of fear over the long term). Perhaps I will use the ‘terror’ war scheme (again). I will create strange, ugly, and insane ‘enemies’ for my subjects to hate and fear, for terrible things *will* happen. [evil chuckle] After some horrible incident, I’ll tell them to go shopping. [Say ‘baaaaa’ again, Emmanuel Goldstein!] [maniacal laughter]
Any point of view is skewed when based on relied upon lies. My staff will tell exploitable people carefully crafted lies, the best that ‘money’ can buy, careful (at first) to lie about what the exploitables know very little of (like ‘terrorists’ in an oil-rich country half-way around-the-world). The lies should be plausible, but that’s not essential. All that matters is that the lies get heard over and over. Over time, some of the exploitable will speak the lies internalized, adding to the echo-chamber repetition, aiding the spread of the lie-memes to yet more exploitables. [evil laugh] Any less-exploitable human (the not-conned) who tries to stop this process will evoke cognitive dissonance in an arrogant, fearful, and connedsumer audience, especially once a few of the un-exploitable truth tellers are publicly mocked, misquoted, and maligned by Ebil-O-Medai (demonstrating how to handle ‘those’ people in a way that even a child could understand). The truth-tellers will find no true friends among the noisy but ineffectual ‘opposition protesters’ who will work for me, secretly. [evil chuckle] The truth-tellers will learn that telling unpleasant truths makes those who hear it act emotionally and unpleasantly, and may figure out that these bad feelings become associated with the messenger, alienating them from friends and family. The un-exploitable ‘not-conned’ *could* cease to be a problem using more traditional means, but only as a last resort, for Evil Overlords think that any closed door needs ineffectual people locked on the wrong side of it. In addition, I will need prisoners to properly train my troops and my police force (as in the Stanford Prison Experiment) and slave labor to sew the awesome black uniforms that I will design, ensuring my staff experience a diffusion of responsibility–and perhaps even Huxley’s ‘herd poisoning’ (from Brave_New World Revisited).
I should take care to make the exploitables dependent upon my staff, further increasing the potential cognitive dissidence, for humans who are part of and dependent upon a system always hesitate to change or destroy it. I will make them wait in many long lines to apply for numerous necessary permits, for then they will be reluctant to ‘lose’ the results of their ‘work.’ Exploitables will learn (classically conditioned by my Ebil-O-Medai) to believe absurdities; such as faked ‘enemy’ atrocities, trivial curiosities, insane philosophies, and lots of useless gossip. Exploiting the exploitables, I will sell worthless and overpriced ‘goods,’ make them work long hours in demeaning jobs, and, just for my amusement, tell them stupid things like ‘conformity is good’ and ‘stubbornness is strength’ and train them to do ridiculous things like imitate idiotic affectations of bad actors in the Ebil-O medai. This last item may cut into my profits a little bit, but all the best evil overlords do stuff like this, for my tax-collectors and corp hirelings and police farce will find the task of exploiting (and humiliating) those they believe to be ignorant ‘sub-humans’ much easier.
[no6ody removes a thought-jacket uniform, which seems to fit rather well…]
Please pardon the digression, as the Evil Overlord is rather potent these days.
When compared to the stories of speaking truth to power, even the best propaganda can look ridiculous. But truthy stories are often long, complicated, and sometimes boring, unlike the easy lies devi$ed to mesmerize the despised. ‘They hate our freedom.’ ‘Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.’ ‘The [derogatory name] have Weapons of Mass Destruction.’
… lacking only the staff, the currency, and the desire to make this happen (legally, profitably, and non-ethically)… but others have no such limitations.
hope this helps
non $erviam !

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